Get to know FRP

Get to know FRP

FRP is an abbreviation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics indicates the specific type of plastic, which is reinforced with fiberglass.

FRP is a compound material of special matrix which is highly waterproof, heat resistance and anti chemical agent. This function is like reinforced concrete strengthened with reinforcing steel bars.

No other material can Provide such a compound characteristic of strong corrosion resistance and strength

FRP has been used for bath-tub, sewage tank, and other housing materials of corrugated sheet and panel. Recentry, of its unique characteristics, high corrosion resistance, chemical agent resistance, strong mechanical properties, durability and light weight. Demand for FRP continues to expand in various applications, thus for industrial plant facilities as a substitute of steel.


FRP Tank is assembled by “Filament Winding” machine and has been designed according to ASTM standard. All of our FRP Tanks are strictly controlled quality of production by 25 years experience and professional engineers.


Laminate construction of the standard FRP tank is achieved with automated equipment and filament winding inthese following step.

  1. Inner Surface : A resin-rich layer of chemical resistant polyester or vinyl ester is uniformly applied to an inner surface mat of fiberglass reinforcement, surfacing veil or nexus veil depending upon the customer’s products to be stored.
  2. Interior Layer : A resin-rich layer of chemical resistant polyester or vinyl ester is uniformly applied with a chopped-strand mat layer of fiberglass.
  3. Structural Layer : The filament-wound layer alternate with chopped glass, woven roving. The thickness of this layer varies with tank size.
  4. Outside Surface : The resin-rich layer surface will be coated with UV resistance resin to protect of sunshine.

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