Fiberglass vs. plastic

Fiberglass vs. plastic

Nowadays, fiberglass has become a great alternative for molding various types of products. Because of its strength, durability, ability to withstand high temperatures, and acidity-alkalinity, fiberglass has become the frequent choice for customers.

Good properties of fiberglass

It does not get rusty like steels tanks

Lightweight but strong and more durable than regular plastic tanks

Heat & cold resistant

High corrosion resistant and able to withstand various types of chemicals depending on properly selected types of resin

Long service life

High formability and various colors to choose

Lower cost

The difference between conventional plastics and fiberglass

The difference between these 2 plastics is that the Thermoplastic (general plastics) often changes with temperature. When heated, it begins to melt, and it freezes up again when it’s cold. This frequent change of condition reflects its lack of durability. In contrast, the Thermosetting (fiberglass) will remain stable and does not change its shape, however hot or cold it gets. Moreover, the resin used in manufacturing fiberglass also contains UV resistance properties. This will prevent UV in sunlight from destroying the molecular structure of fiberglass products or causing them to decay and fade too quickly. Thus, the service life of the product is extended.

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